Behind the camera with Reckless Amnesiac

After discussing the next big project by Reckless Amnesiac, I was offered to assist with the first two episodes of the hilarious series known as Hobo Hunters. It was a fantastic experience and I’m always honored to work with the legendary Ian Altenbaugh and Joe Bucci.

SHAMELESS PLUG: For more on the series and the creators, check out the second episode of the Decipher the Media Podcast

Photo credit: Rebekah Lehman

So, I figured it would be a good opportunity to talk about it in my blog. How did it feel to get back behind the camera after wrapping the long-in-development Body Farm? Obviously, great. To work on a comedy series that spoke to my dark sense of humor…well, that’s what made this so wonderful.

We shot two episodes in one weekend. Each episode only took up a day of production (about 10 hours). Working with these gentlemen before, I know what to expect. The level of knowledge and professional demeanor of these guys was directly reflected in the quality of the production.

I was lucky enough to be one of the two on camera in a two-camera setup. It gives me a bit of envy when I work with a camera like the Blackmagic. My personal setup throughout Body Farm was a Canon EOS 6D with an L-series zoom lens, so I’ve always wished for something more. Unfortunately, Blackmagics were always a bit out of my price range, so it’s always great to work with one on a production.

Photo credit: Rebekah Lehman

The only difficulty I experienced with this production was the physically demanding aspect of a documentary-style production. Carrying around a rig all day took a lot out of me. My shoulders and arms were extremely sore by the end of the weekend, which is probably a direct reflect of how out-of-shape I am. I guess that’s more reason than ever to get back to the gym.

I’m hopeful to have a camera setup like this in the near future. In the meantime, I’m just happy that my background in camera operations still finds a use in the local community of filmmakers.

Photo credit: Rebekah Lehman

The strongest aspect of Hobo Hunters, by far, is the writing. Ian and Joe clearly know how to write something that is both hilarious and socially relevant. Sure, the comedy might not be for everyone, as it pokes fun at topics like religion and cultural stereotypes, but it does so in a way that is relevant to today’s bubbling climate. It teaches you that you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

It especially speaks volumes to me.Maybe this wasn’t the creators’ intention, but we, the audience always draw our own interpretation of an artist’s work. In this case, that was my interpretation.

Maybe this will finally be the fuel I need to hop back into the world of writing after such a long hiatus. Time, always being my enemy, will tell.

In meantime, I am grateful for being involved in another project from these fine gentlemen. We’ll certainly cross paths again soon.


Photo credit: Rebekah Lehman

Author: Steven E. Croner

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