The Writing Collection of

Steven E. Croner

Welcome to my writing work. This page is a portal to everything that I’ve written and published on either this website or previous blogs, websites, and editorials. Feel free to browse the categories below.

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A collection of poetry from my college collection and recent experiences.

Short Stories

Short-form fiction that comes from my interest and passion for storytelling in media.

News/Feature Writing

Previously published articles from various (defunct) news sources and personal blogs.

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Flowing is the tide
to sink through the sands.
Faster in speed.
Slower in thought.
Decisive in action.


A snort and puff;liquor pours outthrough pores, flushed and fierce,and steam fills the voidwhile clanks…


Words are wielded like torches,unintentionally hot,accidentally unconstrained,and hit patches of flesh we did not expect.…