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Steven E. Croner

Welcome to my writing work. This page is a portal to everything that I’ve written and published on either this website or previous blogs, websites, and editorials. Feel free to browse the categories below.

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A collection of poetry from my college collection and recent experiences.

Short Stories

Short-form fiction that comes from my interest and passion for storytelling in media.

News/Feature Writing

Previously published articles from various (defunct) news sources and personal blogs.

Latest Posts

Analog Rust

I. Twenty-five years.Twenty-five million specks of dust.The flakes of rustblew through plastic and boards:life passed into Hardware and Headspace,and linked cable and cord to my feeling of Home. Super Home Boy 64 I was,where I grew to love characterssaving kingdoms,and I traced their pixelsor painted their dotsinto the adventures I wrote. The polygons materializedand I…

Bottled Humanity

The way in…I witnessed myself: Trapped in a year,a model in a bottle,sealed in the pressure,silencing the spite. The bottle fused my marrow,filled it with shots of hate.Falsely told by the sirenwhich soaked into the stomach. Trapped with that false blame.Straining.It swelled the bowels,air bubbling up inside. Restrained,in the bottle we madeto breathe together, butit…


Flowing is the tide to sink through the sands. Faster in speed. Slower in thought. Decisive in action.