Available Downloads and Video: Decipher the Media Podcast #19, Featuring Ian Allegrucci

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, go listen to or watch the latest episode of Decipher the Media, which includes a great discussion with fellow creative Ian Allegrucci! Links and description can be found below!

New and improved! Decipher the Media returns with a new look and another chill discussion with fellow creative Ian Allegrucci! On this episode Ian helps me break down how we grow as artists based on the work that we do within our hobbies and professions. We also discuss how quarantine effects the creative process and how we find worth in our knowledge and creativity. Join us in our discussion that covers several key aspects and constraints of all creative media!

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Website: allegrucci.com
Instagram: @ian_allegrucci

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SecronerCEM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ciphereyemedia
Twitter: @secroner
Instagram: @secroner

Author: Steven E. Croner

Hey, everyone. How are you? I’m doing pretty well. My name is Steven. I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for a few years now. What sort of projects have I been working on, you ask? Well, I’ve assisted with several indie film productions in that time, mostly directly behind the camera or working with camera operations. It has been pretty fun. I’ve also been working on several other projects individually. This website is a collection of those projects that I do on in my spare time. Please click on the links above to learn about some of the work that I do in digital media and writing. I hope you enjoy my collection, which is a combination of old, archived work and new content I am compelled to share with you. Please feel free to interact, engage, and help me make some friends and colleagues in the creative media communities!

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