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Decipher the Media Podcast #16: Joe Bucci Talks Film Grant, Conspiracy Theories, and Media Influence

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Decipher the Media Podcast #21: The Importance of Creative Collaboration, Talking About Mental Health, and Working Outside of the Box, Featuring Simran Kaur

In the second part of my conversation with Simran Kaur, Simran talks about how friends can raise you up creatively, and she explains how she could tell when friends were being toxic. Simran also focuses on creative identity and exploring new creative endeavors by trying new techniques and using experiences to feed creative energy. In…

Decipher the Media Podcast #20: Still Life Photography, Surrealism, Research and Experimentation, and the Balance of Social Media, Featuring Simran Kaur

Joining me from London, Simran Kaur takes some time to describe her most recent artistic endeavors in still life photography and surrealism. Simran talks about her process and how she finds balance between researching and experimenting for her projects, what defines surrealism, and the importance of time and routine in the creative process. We also…